A Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Emotional Trauma

Combating mental and emotional trauma:

Cancer is not only a disease of
the body but also of the mind. It causes mental and emotional trauma.
Teen with a Dream aids in this struggle with specially designed programs
targeted at this area.

Chemo Day Care Bags – are bags that Teen with a Dream created to help pass
the 8 to 10 hour treatment days. They are age and sex appropriate and filled
with toys, tips and tricks, and games to help pass the time, combat some
treatment side effects, and to make the child smile.

Therapeutic Art – Kids can participate in an engaging art session designed to
help kids express themselves and forget treatment, all in a fun environment
staffed by Teen with a Dream and their volunteers.
Support Groups- Teen with a Dream sets up informal support groups for
children to explore questions, concerns, or thoughts about their cancer

Giving Trees – Trees set up during the holiday season and filled with toys and
gifts that the child gets to pick after each doctor/clinic treatment. The trees let
the patient know that someone is thinking of them and help brighten the
holiday season.