A Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Combatting social isolation with Teen with a Dream’s programs


A cancer patient has many physical and emotional obstacles to overcome in addition to fighting for their life. Hair loss, visible scars, clumsiness due to decreased motor function, a pale grey/ green cast to their skin are a few side effects that cause emotional stress to cancer patients. Another major stressor can be Isolation from their friends ultimately causing loneliness and depression. Spencer recognized the significant need for a safe, germ-free, and lively event where patients can unwind.

Thus creating,Teen with a Dream’s Germ-Lite Events. These events provide patients with emotional support, and serves as a connecting bridge to meet other people undergoing similar life paths. Germ-Lite Events are designed to make each patient feel special and give back a few relaxing moments to their typically chaotic situation.

Do you know someone who could benefit from our Germ-Lite Events? Contact us directly to learn about our upcoming events!